Frequently Asked Questions

Mattress shopping is complicated.

Most consumers go in to a mattress shopping experience effectively blind, with little frame of reference, and often misinformed.

Worse, a poor mattress can be costly; under-buying may not adequately address your sleep needs, leading to poor sleep, and over-buying is an unnecessary strain on the pocketbook.

Below, we’ve attempted to summarize some common questions and misconceptions about mattresses, sleep, and mattress shopping.

Of course, there are many more we couldn’t fit, but we are always happy to help in person, or over the phone. We love to help our customers make informed decisions, and remember, there are no dumb questions.

  • How can I tell if a mattress is a good fit for me?
  • Do I need to buy a box?
  • How long does a mattress last?
  • Do I need to rotate and/or flip my mattress?
  • How much sleep do I need?
  • What is the “perfect” mattress?
  • How much does a mattress cost?
  • What size of mattress should I get?
  • Is a California King bigger than a regular or eastern King?


  • A firmer mattress is better, right?
  • Kids can sleep on anything, right?
  • Two-sided or flippable mattresses are better, right?