Everything from the staff to their product selection is phenomenal. If you are just moving here or think it’s time for a new bed, this is the only place to shop for a mattress. They have the widest variety of mattresses and staff offers expert and honest advice on the type of bed best suitable for you. On top of that delivery and set up took less than 5 minutes!!

Check it out, you won’t regret it!!

— James L., Bremerton, WA

I’ve done all the research the bottom line is that these guys have really good prices. The most astonishing fact is that these guys are making zero commission. They are just a mom and pop business who aim to help you. I don’t recommend bringing the children here, but they are very kid friendly.

— Sam R., Silverdale, WA

I have a bed brand they do not carry, but needed a topper and frame. I am a wishy-washer shopper and over the last 4 months of deliberating, the staff at this store has been more than accommodating and informative on their own products and how to best meet my needs. Friendly, patient and knowledgeable… these guys know their stuff and are there to make your sleep experience better!

— Cindy R., Bainbridge Island, WA

We bumped into this place on accident. Thank the lawwwwd we did! We found it on the way to Macy’s and after going in we didn’t even have to go Macy’s afterwards. Eric greeted us at the door and was awesome the entire time. He was polite, informative, and had a good sense of humor. He had us try out low end and high end mattresses, not to try and upsale, but to give us an idea of how they feel and to compare to mattresses in our price range. He never pressured us at all and was more than happy to work with us. He also even gave us a range of discounted options. Point being I live in Lynnwood, but I’d make the drive again to buy from Eric if I was to buy another mattress.

— Marlon D. Mission, San Francisco, CA

Mattress shopping is so subjective, but I will try to be as objective as I can. This is a grudge purchase as far as cost, but you use a bed 42-56 hours a week + a nap or two sneaked in + at least a decade of use = a very important purchase that should not be taken lightly.

There was no pressure as we tested and retested (many) beds, talked about how we sleep, perceived feel of mattress (soft/firm/hard, etc.). We received quite an education as we looked at different materials and corresponding feel/effect of each. At the end of our ‘tests’ we were encouraged to sleep on our decision and come back…again, no pressure. We did visit another store just to see even more models. After visiting another store, experienced their sales pitches, as a check found better on-line pricing elsewhere, we quickly concluded that we were going to go back to It’s Bedtime.

This is an expensive proposition, but I believe the mattresses It’s Bedtime has are of high quality and they indicate they will work with you if a comfort swap is needed. Warranties are also good, but the quality manufacturers they use give you more assurance about material quality, build and durability. Discounts were available on some of the models we looked at and they will match pricing when they can. Ordering a Cal King was no sweat. Delivery and removal is a perk. Choices between latex, foam, hybrids and traditional innersprings was very good.

Giving a local business your business is satisfying. Check out the big guys. I guarantee they will not take as much time or have as much knowledge as the folks at It’s Bedtime. Patient, helpful, friendly, attentive, and informative…. now about that nap….

— Dustin S. San Diego, CA

Mattress shopping can be an unpleasant business at some of the big chains due to overbearing and pushy salespeople hellbent on making commissions. This is not the case at It’s Bedtime. Very relaxed atmosphere and knowledgeable salespeople who help you narrow down the selection while remaining unobtrusive. A very pleasant experience and a great way to put money into our local economy.

— Andrea O., Lihue, HI

I highly recommend this store. I have been here several times. I purchased my son’s twin bed and mattress from here, then we just recently bought a new queen mattress for us. The owner and salesmen were very helpful, attentive, and knowledgeable. I got great deals. My husband and I returned two other high end name brand mattresses before we bought our new one from here. We love our new mattress! We then got a thank you card in the mail! Great service!

— Marisa S., Virginia Beach, VA

Nice folks here and a great selection. The store is roomy and conducive to the shopping task at hand. Whether looking for a bargain or a top of the line mattress, they have it. I was impressed and I don’t impress easily. I knew what I was after, latex and wool – no chemicals saturating what I sleep on, but they do carry big name brands also. There is a lovely selection of bed frames to choose from, well it was a nice experience. They know the merchandise and are friendly – go for it.

— Leslie R., Bellevue, WA

I stopped in the check out a mattress. I was impressed with the kindness and warmth of the staff. I liked the prices and options as I have been looking all over town. I went home and came back with my husband. We bought a new mattress and a bed. We are very happy with our choices and selection. I highly recommend this place.

— Dan C., Poulsbo, WA

I recently purchased a new latex mattress from It’s Bedtime, and I was very impressed by the experience. First off, I love the fact that it’s a local business, and the staff is all local and very friendly. I had a million questions, and they were patient, and very knowledgeable. The store was inviting and friendly, and the salesmen didn’t rush me or pressure me to buy. After finally deciding on a bed I liked (they have a great selection of natural latex) they gave me a fantastic deal, even beating internet prices. They ordered it quickly, and about a week later delivered it to me, set it up, and took my old bed away, all quick, clean, courteous and free; Daryl and Nick, the delivery staff are exceptional!

I highly recommend It’s Bedtime if you’re looking for a friendly, local mattress store. They have a good selection of both specialty beds (like my latex) and a lot of traditional mattresses as well. Good service, good selection, good prices. 5/5.

— Zachary W., Silverdale, WA

We would give this store 10 stars. We initially shopped them because of YELP reviews. We are glad we did. Because of our own lack of comfort (she likes soft, I need a rock) we had mattresses delivered 3 separate times. I loved the first one, but she had an issue, the mattress was the best I’d ever been on…Its Bedtime came and swapped for the 2nd different mattress she chose without my being there…this time…like the three bears…this one is tooooo soft for me!  We went back, spoke with them AGAIN, and we spent an hour choosing what turned out to be a great choice of a mattress for us. 3, count ’em 3 mattresses came thru my door.   2 went back without so much as a comment being made by the store. ITS BEDTIME IS JUST GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE with the same selection as everyone else, plus some really great choices you won’t find elsewhere. Honestly, do your homework, see the other 12 stores, but come here last. The prices are all pretty close, and here the experts ARE mattress experts. They do not work on commission, so no pressure. Take a nap on the mattresses, ask them technical questions about each, don’t be surprised if they suggest a less expensive mattress for you to try as well. They really want you to be happy.
Darn….this place is truly a consumers dream.

They are a nice family business, not a chain, and the staff are pros, low key, attentive, and get this…they smile and let you choose, offering suggestions as you go.

Delivery was fast, and clean, and totally professional.

I would say that if you decide to bypass ITS BEDTIME you won’t be getting as good a deal…sleep on it…

This store is there today, tomorrow, and in the future. We found that out very quickly…and thankfully!

I mean, who lets you go through 2 different mattress companies before you find the right one! ITS BEDTIME did!!!

— Dee L., Bremerton, WA