Adjustable Beds & Foundations

Many people enjoy adjustable beds. Is an adjustable bed right for you?


If you like to work, use a phone, laptop or tablet in bed, yes!

If you want to read, watch TV or just relax in bed, yes!

If you have acid reflux, breathing trouble or a sore back, yes!

If you need a little help getting into and out of bed, yes!


The days of adjustable beds as overpriced, under-performing medical devices is long past. Today’s adjustable bases are affordable, well made, more attractive, and available with loads of convenient features to help make your bed the perfect place for rest, relaxation and entertainment.


Make your bedroom perfect for you

Adjustable Bed

Perhaps because “box springs” are no longer an integral part of a sleep system, platform beds of various kinds are increasingly popular. Whether in wood or metal, decorative or utilitarian, there are many platform bed options, many of which do not require a box foundation. Some also have underbed storage, pull out trundles, comfortable headboards or other convenient features.

Serta Motion Signature adjustable bed

Basic bed frame

With the myriad health, sleep, comfort and lifestyle needs of the modern consumer, it is no wonder that Adjustable Bases (also called motion bases, power bases or moveable bases) are becoming far more prevalent. Providing lift to both head and feet, adjustables run the gamut from simple to spectacular, with a wide array of different looks, features and sizes, and benefit not only health and comfort (halting acid reflux, assisting mobility, preventing snoring, etc.) but also turn a sleep system into a place to enjoy books, phones, tablets and television.