Bedrooms, Guests & Kids

Sometimes finding a sleep solution requires more than a bed on a frame in the middle of a room. Whether for every night use, kids’ rooms, spare rooms, guest bedrooms, offices or anything else, let us help you to find the furniture solutions you need.

Sophia Bed

We carry a selection of bunk beds

Bunk beds: We carry a selection of durable, solid hardwood bunk beds which can meet many needs. Available in twin, full or combination, they feature elegant design, sturdy construction, and tremendous space savings, all at a reasonable price. They can also be fitted with underbed storage drawers, or pull-out trundles, and all can be taken apart into separate beds if required.

Loft Beds: When space is needed for a desk, workspace or storage, and there just isn’t enough space in the bedroom, a loft bed can be a good solution. Available in several heights, our lofts are all solid hardwood construction, and can be fitted with straight or angled built-in desks if needed.

The Ginger loft bed

A daybed with trundle

Daybeds: A perennial favorite, daybeds offer an attractive and affordable combination of bed, seating area, and either underbed storage or trundle bed. If a larger bed is desired, a pop-up trundle unit can be used to create a bed almost as large as a King. We offer a wide variety of styles, as well as the associated hardware and accessories.

Futons: Futons have come a long way from the days when they were a bed of last resort. Today’s futons are attractive pieces of furniture; easy to operate, durable, and with mattresses that are comfortable and supportive. Available in a wide array of styles, sizes, and colors, our hardwood futons can be customized to easily fit your needs. Whether for every night, or only occasional use, futons are a great solution.

The Autumn futon

A Murphy Cabinet Bed, shown open

Murphy Cabinets: Murphy beds, or wall beds, have been around for a long time, and have always had several challenges; they are expensive, difficult to install, very limited in size, and often hard to operate. A newer product is now available that surpasses the old Murphy bed in almost every way; the Murphy cabinet. When closed, it looks like a handsome credenza, well finished and compact. However, in a matter of a few seconds, and with very little effort, it can be folded out into a comfortable queen sized-bed. With no installation or mounting necessary, the Murphy cabinet offers a compelling and affordable solution for offices, living rooms, bonus rooms, or anywhere a discrete bed is required.