Natural Latex Mattresses

Natural latex stands apart as a bedding material.

Starting with the sap of the rubber tree, natural latex is not a petrochemical foam; rather it is a safe, non-toxic natural rubber with unique physical properties. Natural latex has no harmful off-gasses, and generally very little odor. Much of our latex is OekoTex 100 certified, the highest global certification for textiles, and is certified safe for human inhalation or ingestion.

Harvesting from a rubber tree

Latex is poured into the mold

Latex has been used in mattresses since the 1930s and is a proven technology. It lasts longer than foam or spring mattresses, often more than twenty years, and is incredibly durable, showing very little body impression or wear over time. Also, due to the vulcanization process, latex mattresses are safe for those with latex allergies. Clean and hygienic, natural latex is hostile to microorganisms, and generally provides a more sanitary sleep surface over time.

Most importantly, though, latex is amazingly comfortable. Capable of being both supportive and pressure relieving simultaneously, latex can meet many sleep needs: A firm latex will still provide decent pressure relief, and a soft latex will still provide adequate support. The buoyant, uplifting feel of natural latex takes pressure and tension off of your joints and tired muscles, and creates an almost weightless sensation. Your core muscles, often perpetually tense, can relax, movement is almost effortless, and many experience deeper, more rejuvenative sleep.

All of us here at It’s Bedtime love natural latex, and use it ourselves. Come in and try it; you’ll be glad you did.

Inside a latex mattress