Organic Mattresses and Products

In an age where so many companies just slap on a green label and add a leaf design to a product and call it “natural” or “organic”, it can be confusing and hard to determine what is actually in the products we buy. In the modern world we are exposed to many hidden chemical hazards. Whether in the food we eat, the water we drink, or the beds on which we sleep, it pays to be cautious, and to be informed.

Cotton boll ready for harvest

Our natural products include wool, cotton and plant-based foams

At It’s Bedtime, we are committed to helping you find a bed that meets all of you needs; pressure relief, support, and peace of mind. We take the time to educate ourselves, and to understand the components, processes and materials in our products, so that we can find the bed that suits your requirements and lifestyle.

We specialize in Latex mattresses, which carry OekoTex 100 certification, and are safe for inhalation or ingestion by humans. We also carry products utilizing wool, cotton, and plant-based foams, as well as a wide range of wool and cotton bedding, and latex pillows of many varieties.

Soybeans are used in some plant-based foams