Sleep Solutions

Sleep can be complicated. At It’s Bedtime, we strive to think creatively, and to use our experience to help you find solutions to many sleep problems.

Sometimes you or a loved one may need a bed that helps to address a medical issue. The proper mattress can alleviate shoulder and hip pain, calm a restless sleeper, or provide extra support. Adjustable bases can be used in conjunction with most mattresses to provide elevation for the head and feet, and may include convenient features like massage, night lights, power outlets and more. Adjustable beds can help to alleviate many common health issues, including acid reflux, snoring, swollen legs or feet, and many breathing difficulties. In King sizes, the adjustable bases can be paired with a split mattress so that each side of the bed can move independently to accommodate different sleeping positions.

Serta Motion Signature adjustable bed

Frames, box springs and mattresses come in many heights

Sometimes access issues or bed height can become a challenge. We offer a wide array of frame options, “box springs” or mattress foundations come in many heights, and adjustable beds often have variable leg heights. If getting into or out of bed is a challenge, there are mattresses available with extra-firm edges, mattress materials that can aid movement, and even wooden beds with handholds. Adjustable beds can also assist with mobility.

Sometimes a room or sleeping area is an odd size or limited in height. Recreational vehicles, motor homes, boats and other mobile sleeping situations very often require unusual mattress sizes. We can have most odd sizes made to order, and for many truly odd shapes, such as curved boat berths, there are mattresses which can be easily modified to fit any space. We also carry mattresses that range in height from 6” to 16” to fit many spaces, and even have mattresses which are very light and easy to lift or move.

Recreational vehicles often require unusual mattress sizes.

Futons can provide extra beds without taking up a whole room.

Sometimes space can be a challenge. Many times a bedroom or hallway simply isn’t as big as we might like, especially in older homes. Flexible mattresses and collapsible foundations can help to get a bed into the room where it is needed. Murphy cabinets and futons can provide extra beds without taking up a whole room. Some adjustable bases are “wall hugger” models which slide back as they elevate the head; with certain mattresses, this feature can be used during the day to gain more than a foot of extra space. Custom made furniture, crafted locally, can offer many storage options. Sturdy storage beds with built-in drawers, custom dressers, chests and nightstands can all be made to your specifications to fit unusual rooms or specific dimensional needs.

Regardless of the problem, there is likely a solution; come in today and let us help you find it.